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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Food Democracy Now!

Between my own busyness and the world's crises, it has been challenging to find positive things to post... until now!

Our food systems are broken and monopolized by special interests. Let's take them back. Let's hold Obama accountable to the change he promised us all, let's make him deliver.

Go to and tell him that you want to change the way our government does agriculture, sign the petition for change, and for a sustainable USDA and a healthy future for America.

Here's a sampling from the petition:

We believe that a new administration should address our nation’s growing health problems by promoting a children’s school lunch program that incorporates more healthy food choices, including the creation of opportunities for schools to purchase food from local sources that place a high emphasis on nutrition and sustainable farming practices. We recognize that our children’s health is our nation’s future and that currently schools are unable to meet these needs because they do not have the financial resources to invest in better food choices. We believe this reflects and is in line with your emphasis on childhood education as a child’s health and nutrition are fundamental to their academic success.

click here to sign and demand real change.

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