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Pardes Yehuda: One MORE reason to move to Hawaii

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One MORE reason to move to Hawaii

The Honolulu Star Bulletin editorializes:
"The 50th state is the first in the nation to require solar water heaters to be installed on new single-family homes,"
and a good thing! Hawaii is setting themselves up as a model of positive development, following countries like Israel--who has had mandatory solar heating on all residences except for towers with inadequate roof-space since the 1970s. This means that 90% of family homes in Israel have solar water heaters.

Why every city in America doesn't do this, is beyond me. But here's one example of someone who took the matter into their own hands--literally.
Or if you're not feeling up to that challenge, they're actually pretty reasonably priced.

I'm writing Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles today. Why not write your mayor, too? Even if you're in Israel or Hawaii! Just to say, Thank you!

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